Aerospace electrical again by the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in guizhou province-新葡京网上娱乐城压大小-澳门葡京pj8

Date:2014年12月9日 22:25

Recently, the space electric guizhou province high and new technology enterprise to declare once again that approved by the torch center for the record, and received by the science and technology department, financial department in guizhou in guizhou, guizhou state tax bureau and local taxation bureau in guizhou jointly issued certificates and MEDALS. In accordance with the relevant national requirements, a high and new technology enterprise qualification is valid for three years, after a period of three years, through the review again for three years, again after the expiry of the need to apply for that again, and through the review of that organization can again qualification for high-tech enterprises. Company for the first time in 2008 was identified as high-tech enterprises in guizhou, in 2011 passed the review, 2014, the company to apply for that again, and in September by the accrediting agencies in guizhou office review of the organization

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