Aerospace electrical clear 2009 quality target and environment and occupational health and safety goals-澳门老葡京国际-澳门新葡京娱乐51335.com

Date:2010年9月2日 17:29

In order to promote management level, realize the goal of scientific research management in 2009, the aerospace electronics formally announced earlier this year that has been clear about the 2009 annual quality target and environment and occupational health and safety, to further consolidate foundation, improve market competitiveness.

Quality objectives put forward in 2009 completed the space level circular electric connector production line construction, and through the on-site audit, to complete the 2008 version of the civilian goods quality management system transition planning, product quality indicators meet the requirements, product quality in the control on the basis of the original quality upgrading, improve the quality of product quality and management level.

Aerospace electric equipment to strengthen the supervision and administration of production safety, in-depth implementation of clean production, protect the environment, to ensure staff occupational health and safety, for the purpose of b

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